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2 years already O_O!! 
16th-Nov-2014 07:23 pm
Hello! Anyone still here?

So... it's been two years since Breaking Dawn 2 was released and it ended a 5 years amazing and intense journey for all Twilight fans.

I was wondering where all we are two years later.

- Are you still part of the Twilight fandom in any way?
- Or have you moved on to other fandoms? Do you feel so passionate about some other books/movies/saga/pop culture phenomenons the way you felt about Twilight?
- How do you remember that whole experience and that time?
- Do you re-watch the movies often?
- Do you still re-read the books often?

And... how are you all these days? 
18th-Nov-2014 08:52 pm (UTC)
I came into the Twi fandom while still heavily immersed in Harry Potter fandom stuff. It was a nice change, at first, to be around primarily women and just geek out about the romance part. Over time, though, I've watched sections of this fandom eat each other alive and seen big names raise up huge groups of sycophantic followers only to just walk away when they got bored, or use those fans to turn on other people in the fandom. I know, rationally, that the same things happened in HP, but I felt a bit more caught in the crossfire with Twilight. It's kind of become a game at this point, to watch the way the manipulators work in this fandom.

On a happier note, I do still read TONS of fics. There's still some really good stuff out there, and the best part is that with all-human fatigue having kicked in a while ago, there are more supernatural canon-AU stories around.

I'm not a part of any particular fandom, I guess, unless you consider Young Adult lit and geeky stuff fandom. I mean, I do consider it a fandom, but it's pretty loosely organized. There's so much to follow on Tumblr, so that's where I spend a lot of my time.
18th-Nov-2014 09:08 pm (UTC)
I am sad that the livejournal groups are not very active, but I'm always glad to see a Twilight community post.

If anyone wants to friend me on facebook I am "Jedigirl SC" and on twitter @jedigirlsc.

FB has SO MANY active twific groups.

Still like livejournal better, it has a better layout and less Mark Zuckerberg.
19th-Nov-2014 06:50 am (UTC)
I like livejournal more, too.. In fact, I dislike fb so much I deactivated my account years ago. But now, seeing most active twific communities are on there, I may have to activate it...

Sent you a request on twitter! :-)
19th-Nov-2014 06:48 am (UTC)
Me, never been in another fandom before the Twilight one, it honestly surprised me the amount of drama and fights and ugly that could be involved. It's something that I could never have imagined. I mean, it's all just for fun, and it's people who all love the same thing. But then, over the years, I've seen that this happens in all fandoms. Huh... people are weird. But yeah, among other things, this is one of the reasons that has prevented me to join other fandoms. One is enough!