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Twilight Outtakes & Extras wish list! 
12th-Apr-2013 01:58 pm
A few days ago we were talking in another post about the "disappointment" that the Illustrated Guide did not contain any new outtakes from the Twilight books.

So, let's imagine that we could ask Stephenie Meyer to write just one outtake or extra from the books.

1. What scene from Twilight / New Moon / Eclipse / Breaking Dawn you would ask her to write in EPOV? (or any other character POV, if you will)

2. What scene that doesn't appear in the books but really takes places in the Twilight Universe would you wish would have been included in the books? (eg. the trip to Jacksonville in Eclipse or when Edward gives Bella her "after" car in Breaking Dawn).

3. Have you read any good fics that fill these gaps (either a EPOV or a missing scene) in a way that fits perfectly the canon characters & story?
13th-Apr-2013 02:58 am (UTC)
I'd like to see Edward's internal thoughts that make him to ask her to marry him for the first time. I've always wondered what wish was more strong in him: Bella's accepting his proposal or Bella's not turning into a vampire anytime soon.
THIS! I have always wondered what his thought process was.

Daddyward at all, it would have been nice if Stephenie would have wrote the Christmas morning scene when Edward and Bella give their presents to Nessie.

THIS!!!!! Not enough Dadward at all.

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